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There Is No Zombillie?

It's a great port and I love having Minecraft on the go. It's a bit of an issue that Nintendo does not offer official Trophys /A great port, I really like having Minecraft on the go. It's a pity that Nintendo doesn't offer Awards or Achievements The game does address the problem well.

Technically, everything is fine. The size of the world is more than enough to explore, and the limited drawing distance for mobile devices is acceptable, since the game runs smoothly at 60 frames per second.

Although local multiplayer is a fantastic feature to have it's only useful only if you have television. The screen on the Switch is too small.

If you don't have Minecraft yet, or would like a version for on the go: download it now It's a fantastic port that deserves to be adored. .... Expand

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2. NuclearPhoenix Dec 8, 2018

Two words: Better when you play together. Minecraft is a solid game. I've played for more than 60 hours in a few weeks.

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3. 4. OnionKnight May 12, 2017,

Minecraft on Switch is a great combination of functionality and portability. It's more powerful than other Minecraft on Switch. It's more powerful than other portable devices, such as iPad, PSV, and it's portable, so you can play wherever you want, in contrast to consoles that are powerful like the PC, Xbox, and PS4. So people please stop whining about the fact that this version isn't superior to the console version. Can you play a good version of Minecraft on the subway using Xbox or PS4 (not the reduced version on iOS, PSV)? This Switch version makes Minecraft more enjoyable than ever. I think it's a great Nintendo Switch game. Irc101 is its relatively high cost in comparison to other platforms (though it came with some great DLC texture packs and Mario mode). ).... Expand

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5. EMPRR Nov 9, 2020

Excellent game for any platform! The only issue with the Switch version is that it doesn't allow you to join your own servers.

6. The_EpicGamerYT August 4 4, 2017,

This is the ultimate version of the popular game Minecraft. It takes the depth of Xbox and PlayStation versions and brings it on the go.This is the most definitive version of the game that is a huge success Minecraft. It offers the same features as the PlayStation and Xbox versions to your mobile device. It doesn't compromise controls or features such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The game runs at 60 frames per second and comes with a variety of texture packs. It supports local multiplayer as well as online PVP. This is an .... an expansion for those who haven't yet tried the PlayStation and Xbox versions.

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7. UpSideUpFlower Jul 30, 2020

Ok, ok. I love mein kampf. Irc101 's a relaxing, enjoyable game with a simple but enjoyable concept. Hehe. The switch version is a problem for me. I love mein kampf. It's a relaxing and enjoyable game that is simple and fun idea. Hehe. I do have a problem with the switch version tho. There isn't a zombie? It's not what was intended, i mean it's a joke. Mein combat skins are suitable for a significant character in the gaming industry, i believe. Cmon Kcom. Sort your game out , please .... Expand

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8. Grindybord November 20, 2017

It is horrible to use Minecraft on the Switch. I'm so mad at it. I will play minecraft on my computer if I would like to. My kids feel the sameway! The switch is horrible. It's so frustrating. If i want to play minecraft i will do it on my PC. My children are the same way!

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