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Acerca de candicetn

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soft texture and good warmth. A jacket made of nylon fabric and padded with down, with a total weight of grams, is 1/6 to 1/2 of the weight of other warm clothes. Because down soft, used as clothing floss, comfortable to wear. Eiderdown is not prone okaymalls bebe plus size en as site sitor we web fashion corset clothing fiber hardening; The fabric is made of high density coated fabric, which can keep more air inside the clothes and has good thermal performance.
Down is three-dimensional structure, good quality down jackets are generally very fluffy, so the same weight of down can fix more air than other materials, a large number of down filaments interlaced together to fix air, and form an insulating protective layer, so as to achieve good thermal performance. Down garments stipulate that the nominal cashmere content of stuffed down

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