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A Welcome Surprise
My sister Jane took me out to a club to help drown my sorrows. It was a bit of a dive, pretty dirty, very dark, and the clientele was definitely what I would call questionable. Janey did what she always did, and ended up leaving me on my own by the bar around 11:30. She was a terrible wing man, mostly because she was gorgeous and she couldn’t go out for a night without being absolutely bombarded by men asking to dance, or buying her drinks, or just generally pestering her. Eventually though she always gives in and takes off with one she deems worthy enough, leaving me to drink on my own in a joint I didn’t want to be in in the first place. But that was Janey, and I knew it going in, so I couldn’t really be too upset. I just had to make the most of the situation.

By midnight I was already wasted. Probably making a fool of myself by the bar, hitting on women, chatting up the bartender, but I didn’t care, I was out for a good time. Just after finishing a shot of tequila with the bartender, so I could get a look at her DDDs while she knocked it back, a tall blonde came stumbling into me. Whether it was intentional or not I’ll still never know, but she apologized profusely, and introduced herself as “Kris, with a ‘K’”, reaching her hand out for me to shake.

She was beautiful. Long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smile to die for. As she fumbled over picking up the stool she’d knocked down beside me I got a nice long look at her slender body from head to toe. It was clear to me that her tits were fake, but as far as I could tell they were very well done and the perfect size Ds to compliment the rest of her tall slim body. The rest of her was just as beautiful, with lovely long legs and a waist I could wrap my hands around. That ass though… mmm… that was a masterpiece. She wore this little blue Sunday-type dress. It was heavy on the cleavage, and tight around the waist. It had a little frill around the bottom giving a bit of bounce to the bum as she moved. When she finally composed herself and sat down beside me, we really hit it off. I bought us both drink after drink, and we talked and laughed and got a little handsy. About an hour later we both decided we were into this and I offered to take her back to my place. She agreed.

As we walked out of the bar, a text came through on my phone. It was my sister. She’d noticed me on my way out with this blonde, and told me to be safe and “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” with the wink emoji. Turns out I would be doing some things that night exactly as she would do them.

As soon as we got in the taxi Kris’ hands and lips were all over me. She was trying to devour my tongue, while she ripped open my shirt and rubbed on my chest. I did the same with her, pulling the top of her dress down, exposing her breasts. Yep, definitely fake, but still fantastic. They were so perky and plump she didn’t even wear a bra. I sucked on them each in turn whenever I got the opportunity between makeouts, and fondled them the rest of the time. This girl was unbelievably sexy. We must have given the cabbie quite a show in the rear view.

When we arrived at my place, we composed ourselves slightly before hopping out of the cab. I took her by the hand and we both practically ran to my front door. I fumbled with the keys for a second while she reached around a groped me through my pants. It was definitely on tonight! There was no stopping this girl.

Finally busting through the door, just barely managing to close it behind us, she slammed me against the wall and immediately went for my belt. By this point I was stunned. I’d had a few wild women in my life but this was out of control. I watched her as she expertly flung open my belt and instantly unzipped my jeans. My cock was already straining against them when she released the zipper, and grabbed the waistband of my underwear with her long, slender fingers. In my shock, I had completely forgotten to undress her, so I quickly groped at the top of her dress and yanked it down exposing her beautiful fake tits again. I managed to bury my face in them for a few seconds before she pulled my boxers down freeing my heavy cock, making it bounce off her trim tummy. Then she took a step back releasing my face from her heaving breasts and looked down to admire my dick. She didn’t say anything yet, she just stared at it as she slowly bent down onto her knees, sliding my jeans and boxers down as she went. Face to face with my now throbbing cock, she looked at it intently, then she looked up in my eyes and said “Oh my.” with a smile. The pace had slowed now significantly, and I got the impression that she was going to take her time enjoying what was in front of her.

She took my hardon with her left hand, squeezing it in a good solid grip, as if she just wanted to feel how hard it was. She pulled her hand upward slightly, sliding the skin above the inner stiffness. With her right hand, she brushed at my ballsack and then turned her palm towards herself, slow grasping my balls between her thumb and forefinger, lightly pulling down, watching them move. It was obvious to me that she really enjoyed cock and balls, and likely had a lot of experience with this. As she continued to rub both apparatus lightly, she rotated between gazing at it, and glancing up to my eyes. Finally, she bent it down towards her face, still fully grasped in both hands and parted her lips. She licked at the tip for a brief moment and then moved her head forward slowly but surely, engulfing most of my 8 inch shaft in the first try. I tilted my head back against the wall and let out a soft moan as the warmth of her mouth surrounded my stiff rod. By the time she reached as far as she could go, she had moved both her hands to my hips, slightly tugging them to force me further in her throat. My own hands were resting on the wall on either of my bare ass. I looked back down at her, surprised that almost all of my big cock was down her throat, and she met my eyes with a wink. She was definitely experienced, and she definitely enjoyed doing this. She held her throat consuming my cock for a moment and moved her hands to mine. She guided my hands onto her head and I grasped her long blonde hair in between all my fingers. Then she moved her left hand back to my thigh, and her right again back to my balls, gripping it a little tighter than before. She broke her gaze with my eyes and repositioned her legs slightly to lift her head a little higher. Then she started to pull back her head, exposing my hard shaft from her lips as she did. She backed up all the way so the tip was barely exposed, took a brief look at my length again and then slid her lips right back down, a little faster than the first time. I heard a slight gag when she reached her limit, but she just acted as though nothing happened, and pulled her head back again. My hands were still on her head, fondling her beautiful soft hair, but not forcing anything. Again she took a breath at the tip and then glidded her mouth back down my shaft, this time devouring the entire 8 inches. I didn’t even hear a gag this time, and I looked down in amazement as her nose was buried in my trimmed pubic hairs. She pulled on my balls and wrapped her other hand around to my butt that was now lifting off the wall. She squeezed with both hands, and once again pulled her mouth back off my shaft. She looked up at me for a second with another wink and then swiftly plowed her head right back down my dick, again all the way. It seemed like now she had her rhythm and this might continue in a very good direction for me. I looked down at this beautiful blonde, who was now repeatedly deepthroating my solid shaft, in amazement. She was picking up the pace now, getting back to that feverish state she had been in minutes before. After shoving my cock in and out of her mouth a few more times, she paused at the tip again and looked up at me. “Fuck me.” She said, gulping it in again, and back out. “Fuck my mouth!” she elaborated.

I couldn’t even take much more. I was way too horny, and stunned to even handle was she was already doing, and when she said those words I couldn’t help but oblige. I had been controlling my hands pretty well to this point, knowing that most women hate it when you push or pull their head, but she was basically giving me permission, in fact it almost sounded like begging. So I put both my palms together on the back of her head and adjusted my stance for a better thrusting position. She continued to squeeze and grab on my balls and ass when I lifted her head off my cock and proceeded to thrust my big dick into her throat. I took a quick look to make sure she was ok after the first thrust and noticed her smiling with my cock between her lips. That sent me over the edge as I started to lose control. I began to just pump my rock hard stiffness in and out of her willing mouth. Never once gagging, or resisting, she moaned with pleasure as I penetrated her throat. I noticed her move her hand from my balls, and begin rubbing herself between her legs as I face-fucked her. She still grabbed on tight to my ass with her other hand and she began to convulse from what I can only assume was an orgasm. I can’t know for sure because I was ready for my own by that point. I moved my left hand around her head down to her chin, and grabbed her hair really tight with my right. I was wildly bucking my cock with long hard strokes now, entering her mouth all the way to the hilt every time. Her body had stopped shaking and she was just passively taking my long hard dick, as if she was exhausted. Finally I couldn’t hold it any more and with one final pump, I pulled on both the back of her head and her chin as I released, coating her entire throat with cum. I heard her moaning with ecstasy as she gulped down stream after stream of my juice. I couldn’t help but groan myself as I held her head firmly against my crotch, shuddering with each wave of orgasm. As it subsided and the last of my load flowed down her gullet she looked up at me again, still smiling. She couldn’t help it. I could tell. She loved every second of it.

I could feel my cock beginning to soften, but she held it in her mouth as I slumped against the wall, still stunned by this deepthroating beauty. After milking every last drop of cum from my tube with her talented tongue she gradually slid her warm mouth off me and relaxed, sitting back onto her feet in a heap. “Ahhhh.” She said, continuing to look up at me with a big grin, knowing that I was extremely satisfied as well. “That was fun.” She continued as she planted one hand on the ground between her legs and pushed herself to her feet. I helped lift her as she came up, placing both my hands on either side of her chest. When she reached standing position, I planted a deep, long kiss on her wondrous lips. She responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and falling into me, my now flaccid cock pressed against her pelvis. As we made out again I could detect a faint taste of my cum in her mouth. Nothing I haven’t tasted before, but something about it coming from her mouth made it hot to me. Even though I had just had my relief, something about her was so hot, I was already stirring again. My soft dick turned into a chubby in no time and I found my hands surfing all over her body yet again.

As I moved my hands down toward her crotch, she lightly grabbed them and broke our kiss. “It’s okay.” She said. “You don’t have to. I sorta came already.” She explained.

“I know. I could see that.” I replied. “But that wasn’t all you’re here for is it? We can’t be done yet. It was so quick. I feel like we’re just getting started.” I pleaded.

She looked at me again with a sly smile and calmly brushed her hand across my chest, downwards and over my penis. “Well, if that’s how you feel… who am I to argue?” she conceded. She looked over to the living room, spotting the couch and proceeded to grasp my half-stalk and lightly pull me toward it.

As I walked with her gripping my dick, I shook my legs out of my jeans the rest of the way. When we got to the couch, she pushed me down into a seated position. Then she took a step back and hooked her fingers around the top of her dress and began to slowly pull down. I was getting a nice strip tease, as she twisted and turned her body in front of me. I mindlessly began to stroke my dick as she was swaying and dancing without music, shuffling her dress down off her hips. She turned right around to present her fine ass as she rounded the dress over it, bending forward in the process. As the dress revealed her panties, I noticed a sopping wet spot behind her anus where she had squirted from her orgasm. Then as she leaned even further down and her dress finally dropped to the ground I fixated on what looked like a small mound in her panties, just in front of the wet spot. I was puzzled about what it was, but before I had a chance to even contemplate it she was pulling her panties down and spun around quickly.

To my surprise, a happy, juicy little cock spring out from her panties right in front of my face. My hand froze in position on my dick as I stared in shock. In my peripheral vision I could see her smile rapidly fade. She quickly placed both hands over her penis in embarrassment and said “You’re disappointed!” I couldn’t even respond, I was so stunned. Then, I think realizing that the expression on my face was not disappointment, but rather disbelief, she said “Oh my. You… you didn’t know.” https://vestglass42.bravejournal.net/post/2021/12/06/Threat-of-homlessness-Pt1 She reached down to the ground to snatch up her dress. “I’m sorry. I should go.” I still couldn’t say anything.

Running through it all in my head, it began to make sense. The eclectic clientele at the bar; the multitude of women I saw making out with each other; the noises I had heard in the men’s bathroom; Kris’ taller-than-average figure, with long legs and fingers; her insatiable appetite for cock. It hit me. I realized my sister had taken me to a LGBT bar, and I had picked up a transgender woman. How could I not tell sooner? How could I get this far without having a clue? My mind was blown. But more importantly, my cock was blown; better than it had even been blown in my life. And in that moment of realization, I knew I would forever regret letting Kris leave without exploring further.

“Wait!” I blurted out. “It’s not… I just… Don’t go. Don’t be sorry.” She paused what she was doing with her dress now bunched in front of her, covering her soft dick. “I’m just… surprised. That’s all. It just surprised me.” I explained. My own cock was now soft again, resting limp on the couch between my legs. I looked into her eyes apologetically and could see that she was embarrassed and nervous. “Can I?” I asked quietly as I reached for her dress, slowly moving it aside. Somewhat reluctantly she allowed my hands to guide hers away, and let go of the dress. As it fell to the ground once again, I examined her lovely little cock with curiosity. I had never seen someone else’s so close up, and it was a beautiful specimen. As it swayed with the movement of her breathing, I admired its soft milky skin. A perfectly shaped, plump little head crowned the 5 inch length, and it looked so free from her female underwear. I realized she must have had it strapped backward when she came earlier and imagine that didn’t feel as good as it should have. After a few moments of interested study I gathered my courage and reached out for it. I lightly touched it with my fingers, wrapping them around under the shaft. I lifted slightly to feel the weight and enjoyed the sensation. It was indeed very soft and silky. As I moved my hand on it more, palming the underside of it I looked up to catch Kris’ gaze. She smiled down at me approvingly, and I took the cue to fully grip her shaft with my hand. I placed my other hand on her pelvis and massaged it around in a circle. I was surprised how easily I was settling into this and how much I enjoyed the feeling of another cock in my hand. It probably helped that she was shaved completely smooth everywhere, and I ran my free hand around her entire tummy and a crotch, feeling all her soft skin. Finally my hand settled on her sac, as she had with mine earlier. I pulled at her balls slightly feeling them inside the sac, kneading them around a bit. As I did that I noticed that her dick was now getting thicker in my hand, very thick in fact. It began to rise in front of my face, and I could no longer stroke it downwards comfortably. I flipped my grip so that my thumb was in the underside and lifted it to a standing position. Her balls were now more accessible as well and I more happily rolled and pulled at them. With her thick cock now fully erect just inches from my face, I barely even had to think, I just acted.

Sliding my bum forward on the couch a bit, I got closer to her stiffened dick and opened my mouth. At first I just licked it. It tasted exactly as I expected it to taste, like slightly sweaty skin. I looked at the tip and squeezed up her shaft with my hand. A tiny bit of precum oozed out and I licked at it again, lapping up her bit of juice. It was mostly tasteless as well. It was clear to me by this point that my inhibitions had faded fast, so I decided to take the plunge and planted my tongue in the underside of her dick while I looked up into her eyes. She was still grinning, so I gave her a wink as she had to me earlier and proceeded to envelop her stiff shaft with my lips and hungrily devour it. I tried to go deep as she had, but couldn’t manage to stuff all 5 inches in my mouth. It seems practice goes a long way, and being a first-timer, I couldn’t get there. I gagged trying to force it, and hurriedly pulled it out of my throat. It seemed impossibly thick as well, straining my lips to the max. As I brought my mouth off the tip I swallowed and looked up at her again. I was surprised to find that I had enjoyed it. Even with the gag, I enjoyed my first taste of cock. I could definitely see the appeal, and why she could like it so much. It actually felt natural to me, and I was grateful to be discovering it. I looked back down noticing my slobber on her shaft, and stroked it a few times. Then I parted my lips again and went back in for more. As her rock hard cock slid along my tongue and into my throat I revelled in the smells and the taste. I could feel how velvety smooth her skin was, but at the same time how solid her shaft was beneath it. It moved with a rhythm in my mouth, and I loved it. I started to bob my head back and forth so she slid in and out of my hot mouth over and over. Each time I tried to go a little deeper, gagging a few more times, but trying nonetheless. My jaw actually started to hurt from the girth so I took a break to stroke it furiously a few times. It felt so thick in my hand; thicker than my own does. I knew I didn’t have a good technique, but she seemed to be enjoying it anyway. Even with my mouth tiring, her cock was just too good not to eat. Eventually I started slamming my head down her solid shaft as fast as I could, to mimic what she had done for me, but I could tell that as hard and horny as she was it wouldn’t make her cum. My technique wasn’t right. So I slowed my pace and tried one last time swallow her all the way in. As I bent my head back, looking in her eyes, I glided my mouth across her ridiculously hard shaft, until her balls rested on my chin. I coughed again as my gag hit me, but held her in my mouth still. She lightly placed her hand on my head and dipped herself down holding my head in place, forcing her cock another half inch down my throat. Still it wasn’t all the way, and I gagged again harder this time. She brushed my hair with her fingers and lightly stepped back, pulling her dick from my eager mouth. “Here. Let me show you.” She said as she lowered herself down to the rug and lay on her side. Instinctively, I laid down as well, in the opposite direction, so her cock was still in front of my face, and now mine was in front of hers.

Lying in this sideways 69, she took my flaccid dick in her hand and lifted it to her mouth. She quickly and easily slurped it back into her throat, twisting her head around as she did. Her nose now pressed into my balls, she flipped her head to the other side working with her tongue the whole time. It felt incredible, and must have been pretty easy for her since I was still soft. With my cock dangling down her throat as she worked at hardening it, I looked back to hers, still rock solid. I stroked it in front of my face for a few moments closing my eyes at times, enjoying the sensations she was putting me through. In no time my dick was hard again, and she was already easily devouring every inch repeatedly. Pulling back and thrusting in again like it was nothing. As I lay there enjoying another fantastic blowjob, I continued to be in awe of her skill. Eventually she glanced up at me at one point and stopped what she was doing, as if she’d been caught in the act. She was clearly just enjoying it and had forgotten about the other end of the 69. To be honest I had done the same.

“Here. Watch.” She said as she looked at the full length of my cock again, taking the measure of it. She opened her lips and slowly guided the head in, taking it in by inch this time, savouring it. When she reached the bottom, she immediately pulled all the way back up. Then she looked at me again with that satisfied grin. “If you want to take it all, you’ve got to go slow at first. You don’t need to do it fast like I did. Just take it slow. Bit by bit.” She explained.

I nodded, and looked back at her cock, still as stiff as before. Just as she had, I opened wide and slowly took the head in my mouth, savouring it. I let my tongue swirl around it and then gently moved my head further. Inch by inch my lips glided across her slick rod. I reached my limit again and felt a slight gag again, but I held it there. I enjoyed feeling her in my mouth so much I could feel my own dick trembling, and she wasn’t doing anything with it at this point, just holding it. I knew she was watching me, to see if I could do it. I heard her say “Just relax your throat. Take it easy.” Maybe that’s what sent me over, knowing she was watching, but somehow I powered through and forced the last half inch of her dense cock into my throat. And all I heard was “Ahhhhh. Yeahh. That’s it. You’ve got it.” I think I even surprised myself, but it was so satisfying. I held her there and then lightly rocked my head back and forth with her 5 inch beauty hitting the back of the inside of my head. I wanted to keep it as deep as possible for as long as possible. Kris wasn’t saying any more because she was busy working my dick, endlessly shoving it all the way in and out again. But honestly I was concentrating more on what I was doing than what she was. I twisted my head a few times as she had done to me, working with my tongue as much as possible, the entire time keeping her piece fully in my mouth. My throat was really eased now and I felt like I was getting the hang of it. Though my jaw was starting to hurt again, but it was totally worth the pain. Eventually I pulled my head off her to swallow and reset. I looked at the length of her glistening member again and knew I could do it smoothly this time. I lead with my tongue on the head and glided it right down my throat in one slick motion, burying my nose in her balls. I felt her release my dick and she said “Ohh yes… you’re a natural.” I pulled her out of my mouth and looked up at her with another wink. I turned back once more and easily gulped her solid dick again. It was so good.

After a few more minutes of mutual deepthroating, I again realized that she wasn’t nearing orgasm. So I let my instincts guide me and decided to let her dominate to the situation. I stopped what I was doing and lightly twisted my hips back so my cock would pull from her mouth. I looked at her with a puppy dog look and said with genuine need “Fuck me. Fuck my mouth.”

Those words must have sent her over the edge, just as they had for me earlier, because her eyes widened and she immediately pushed me onto my back, rolling with me. Once she was on top of me she stood my big cock up and smacked it against her cheek a few times. Her knees were just above my head and her stiff dick was staring me right in the face. I liked the way her balls were now hanging above my forehead and I impulsively tilted my head back a bit to lick at them with my tongue. She responded by dipping her hips a bit and I sucked one of them into my mouth, massaging it with my tongue. I realized then that it was the first time I’d put her balls in my mouth. Her sack was so smooth it felt amazing on my tongue. I let her balls go and looked down between our bodies at her. She arched her back a bit so we could both see each other past her huge tits, and gave me a look that said ‘are you ready?’. She had my big meat in her hand and I just grabbed hers and pumped it a few times. Then I leaned my head back again and opened my mouth big and wide, ready to take her massively thick dong. She was continuing to look down as she took control and slowly inserted her piece into my waiting mouth. I reveled in the feeling of it sliding into me, without controlling it myself. As if it were just happening to me, instead of me performing the act. Surrendering control was oddly freeing somehow. I knew she was watching as she slipped into me, and pressed with some vigour when she was in all the way. It was so much easier than before, and I loved that beautiful velvety knob in the back of my throat. My nose was smothered in ballsack as she rocked slightly with her hips, pressing hard into my face. Then I heard her moan and felt her hot mouth on my own member as she did what she did best and engulfed the entire length. She held my solid dick in her mouth as she began to retract hers from my mouth. Slowly at first, she pulled out about half way and she surprisingly thrust back in to the hilt. I felt her hands move to my thighs, almost wrapping around my legs. She pulled up again with her hips and shot back down. Then again, pulling back slowly and thrusting in quickly; each time pressing hard at the end, banging against my chin and nose. I felt her grip on my thighs tighten and she really started to move. She thrusted in and out now with some speed, the entire time continuing to just hold my 8 inches deep down her throat while she fucked mine. She was practically bear-hugging my hips with her head firmly planted in my crotch as she face-fucked me. I lay there with my gaping mouth just taking it. This is what I’d asked for and it was absolute heaven. She was buckling wildly now and she began to tremble again as she did before. It was obvious that she was getting close, and I was excited with anticipation in accepting my first taste of someone else’s cum. She was losing control, feverously pounding into my mouth. Her thick cock was stretching my jaw to the max, but it felt so good. I’d never experienced a hardon of my own as solid as hers was and it turned me on that much more. I couldn’t wait for her to unload, and was barely even paying attention to her deepthroating.

Suddenly she moved her hands out of the bear-hug on my thighs and hastily yanked her head off my cock. She must have had a hard time concentrating on what she was doing, because she sat up and she simply planted both her hands on my hips. She continued to buck violently in and out of my eager, burning mouth with full strokes. With her new position, her phenomenal ass was now pressing against my forehead with each thrust and her velvety balls were suffocating my nose. There was so much intensity and I could feel and hear her trembling in a frenzy. Her breathing was insanely quick as she began to pant in time with her thrusts. The girth of her cock stifling my own moans as I egged her on. Finally with a heavy push, she cried out in ecstasy. I could feel her balls tighten around my nose and her rock hard cock convulse on my tongue. Then, as I was marvelling in the sensation, I felt a hot jet of cum shoot down my throat, glazing my insides. It felt amazing, but I couldn’t taste it. Another hot stream left her knob and went straight down. And another. I realized I was missing it; missing the taste. As I struggled for air, I tried to push her legs up, and she kindly obliged. She collapsed onto her elbows and took a tight hold of my penis with both hands. Amidst her shuddering orgasm, she pulled out just enough that I could take a deep breath, but keep her knob on my tongue with my mouth still yawning open. I held her gorgeous dick with my hand, keeping it still on my tongue while it continued to pulse. I had an amazing view of her balls as they emptied her juice directly into my excited mouth. More streams flowed out of her and I could finally taste her delicious semen. It was delectably tangy and so warm. I didn’t swallow yet, just kept my mouth open, not wanting to miss any of her tasty cum. Still, a bit made it to the outside of my mouth; it was hard to hold it all. Her orgasm began to subside and by now she was hugging my cock beside her face, with her big round tits pressed into my stomach, and her butt in the air as the last of her juice dripped from her spent dick.

I squeezed along the length of her dick down toward my mouth and then moved my hands around to her ass, tugging slightly. She took the cue and reinserted her still solid piece into my filled mouth, mingling it with her cum along the way, accidentally squishing some out of my lips. She lay in a heap on top of me and rested there with her expended cock in my mouth. I felt her begin to lightly stroke my dick again and then prop herself up on her elbows, raising her breasts off my body. I was still hard and extremely over-stimulated by taking this amazing tranny’s cum. As I lay there with her dick and cum still in my mouth I realized I was also close to the edge. I could feel her hardon starting to dwindle in my mouth, and more importantly the thickness started to decrease. As she began to pump my dick faster with her hands, she moved one of her knees up and finally pulled out of my mouth, looking down to my face as she did. Her mouth was open in amazement as she looked at me lying there underneath her dangling chubby. I gazed right in her eyes as I closed my lips and swallowed down what was left of her delicious juice. Her eyes widened and she immediately turned to my big cock and gobbled it down. Her head was a blur as she fanatically bobbed on my bursting dick. In no time at all I was shaking myself, at the pinnacle of ecstasy, still tasting her cum around my lips and getting the blowjob of a lifetime. I grabbed hold of her thighs and raised my head, smacking my face into her weighty cock and balls as I groaned in pleasure. She must have felt it coming because she pulled off my teeming dick just as it erupted. I painted her face with a few streams of cum while she stroked it hard. She eventually popped it back in her mouth to taste the last few squirts of my nectar, and patiently squeezed it all out. I slumped down in a flat lying position as she slurped up all the drips with her tongue.

She rotated herself overtop of me and lay on my body, face to face. Still with some of my cum in her mouth, she kissed me hard and deep. She broke the kiss and licked up her own cum off my chin and cheeks, kissing me again afterwards. As she lay on me with her beautiful breasts pressed into me, my hand on her fantastic ass, and our consumed cocks rubbing against each other, I realized I was in paradise. She kissed me passionately; our tongues and juices all flowed and mingled together in absolute bliss.

She put her head down on my chest, and rubbed some leftover cum around in swirls in my chest hair. We were both exhausted, and spent. I had nowhere to be, and it seemed Kris didn’t either, so we just lay there and drifted off to sleep on the floor.

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