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A vacation to remember
I had my first time with a BBC. I was 16, a bit of a chub. I have a nice looking bubble butt. I had a smooth hairless body. I mostly wore tight clothes that made my ass look huge. I was a very shy person and i was easily intimidated. During those days i didnt knew much about sex, i mean no one actually taught me this. At home i didnt have access to porn due to parental controls.

During those days i went to Ghana for a vacation. The whole family just chose a random place and we ended up in Ghana for a month long vacation. Now the first week was pretty normal just sightseeing and touring around the country. One night it was around 10 pm, my parents were asleep, I couldnt fall asleep so i went out for a walk. Now the hotel was in the middle of the city. Most people in that area spoke English but not all. I got thirsty and went to this shop to buy something to drink. I was wearing tight shorts and they were exposing my ass alot. I went to the counter to pay for my drink. This tall black guy came and stood next to me. He started talking to me and i couldnt understand his language. He then placed his hand on my back and rubbed it down to my ass. He grabbed my ass and was checking me out. The shopkeeper was grinning at what he said to me. I asked him to translate it. He told me that he wasnt fluent in english translate it.

Well i went out and the guy followed me. He kept talking to me and i couldnt understand a word. I did try to communicate it but he wasnt going away. I getting irritated so i walked towards a public toilet. I went inside and he seemed to back off. I went inside a stall to take a piss. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I finished my business and opened the door to find him standing there. He came inside and pushed me onto the toilet. I was totally scared and lost my voice.

He put his hands on my shoulders, i could feel the weight. He was saying something i still couldnt understand. He then came close to me and grabbed my hand. He was playing with my soft hands. He then put my hand on his crotch area. He was rubbing my hand on his crotch, i couldnt understand what he was trying to do. He had his eyes closed and was enjoying my touch. He let go of my hand and then unbuttoned his pants. He pulled his pants down and his cock was right infront of me. He didnt wear any underwear. He had a huge black cock, he was about 8-9 inches big. It was my first time seeing a cock this big. I have seen cocks before in the gym showers but never this big. It was really big.

He grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his cock. His cock was really thick so i could barely fit my hand around it. He guided my hand into a up and down motion. He guided me for a couple of minutes but then i got the idea what i needed to do. I dont know why i was doing this, i guess i was curious. I jerked him off for 5 mins and his cock was leaking precum. He accumulated the drop of precum on his finger and brought it near my lips. He gave me a sign to take my tongue out and i dont know why i brought out my tongue. He placed his finger on my tongue giving me a taste of his salty precum. He made me lick his finger.

He took his finger out and grabbed his cock. He brought his cock near my lips and looked at me. I licked his piss slit tasting the rest of precum. He then started entering my mouth. His cock was slowly filling up my mouth. I had half of his cock in my mouth and i could smell his body odor. His body odor was making me horny. I dont know why i was feeling the way i was and going all the way with this stranger but i never felt this much excitement and pleasure.

He slowly fucking my face and gradually increasing the pace. He kept on pushing his cock further but i kept gagging and choking. But slowly and gradually i was able to take more and more of his cock. I was being mouth fucked by this BBC for the first time and actually enjoying the taste of his cock. https://pbase.com/topics/adultpoison40/end_of_the_world_chapter_2 I was slurping down all the juices. After about 20 mins of sucking i was able to take down most of his cock without puking on it. I did almost puke twice or thrice but then slowly started to get the hang of it. He was also slowly increasing the pace. Suddenly he grabbed my head and pushed his cock as far as he could and pulled it out. Sadly he couldnt push all of his cock inside. He made me open my mouth and pulled my tongue out with his fingers. He was stroking his cock really fast infront of my mouth.

Honestly i didnt expect what was going to happen. Suddenly his thick white cum started shooting from his slit. Most of it went inside my mouth and some on the rest of my face. I didnt swallow his load at first. I looked at him and he signalled me to drink it. I closed my eyes and swallowed his salty load. He rubbed the rest of his cum on my face and made me lick the remaining last few drops off his cock.

https://zenwriting.net/soupcap05/a-fever-of-101 He pulled his pants up and grabbed my hand. When i got up i felt my boxers were wet apparently i came while i was getting my mouth fucked. He held my hand and walked out of the toilet, i kept following him. We reached an apartment building, and he took me on the 4th floor. It was his apartment. We went inside and it was empty and really dirty. There was stuff everywhere. He gave me some water to drink and then took me to his bedroom. Now i was scared again what was going to happen.

He started stripping down. First taking of his shirt then his pants. He was now completely naked standing infront of me. He came really close to me and grabbed my shirt. He pulled it off and threw it in some corner. Then he touched my nipples and fondled with my chest with his rough hands. Then he turned me around and pulled down my shorts along with my boxers. I was trying to cover my penis with my hands but he didnt care about it he cared about my ass. He squeezed my ass and gave a soft spank.

Then he sat down on bed side and made me get on my knees. He grabbed my head and pushed it towards his cock. I thought i had to suck it again. I grabbed his soft cock and started licking it. I must have licked it for 10 mins then it started getting a bit hard. He made me take it inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth and throat again. He was soon rock hard again. He then got me up and made me lay down on my stomach. He spread my ass and burried his face. He licked my pink virgin hole and i must say i had never felt this good in my life. He was pushing his tongue inside. He licked my hole good for 10-15 mins.

Now it was time for his cock. He got up on the bed. He placed his cock on my hole and gave a push. His cock slipped a couple of times. He grabbed his cock and gave a really hard push. He thick cock entered me ripped my hole apart. I felt a pain i never wish to feel again. I screamed and tried to stop him. He put his huge hand around my mouth covering it up and then gave another push. He entered me halfway and the pain was unbearable. He kept pushing and pushing not caring about the pain i was in. I could even scream, tears were rolling down my eyes and my body was shivering due to the pain.

He was soon balls deep inside me and it felt like a bullet pierced through my hole to my stomach. He then started pounding me. The pain intensified but i couldnt do anything about it. The first 15-20 mins of him pounding me were really painful. But the pain was gradually decreasing. His thrust were getting harder by the second. I removed his hand off my mouth and now he could hear me squirm in pain everytime he thrusted inside me. He pounded me for 10 more mins and then i felt something warm flowing in my hole. He just bred me. He filled my hole with his cum. His warm cum was rather soothing to my hole.

He pulled his cock out and lay down next to me. I stayed there still in pain and not able to move. We both stayed like that for sometime. Then he got up and lifted my face. He shoved his cock back in my mouth and fucking me. I was still completely helpless letting him do what he wanted. He kept mumbling to let me go while i had his cock in my mouth but he either didnt understand or didnt care.

After some time he was hard again. He pulled his cock out and went towards my ass. I once again begged to stop. He turned me around and picked my legs up. He placed his cock on my hole again and entered me. The pain started coming back but his cock went inside easily. He started pounding me again but the pain was less than before. After a good 10 mins pounding i started feeling pleasure of anal. I did still feel pain but along with the pleasure which i was getting with his cock hitting my prostate. My cock started growing with every pound and soon i was rock hard.

This was his third time so he lasted longer. After 30 mins mark i couldnt control and shot a huge load on my belly. He fucked me for half an hour more before unloading his load in my hole. After resting some time he fucked me again and then again. After he unloaded his 5th load inside me it was already sunrise. I too had came more than 3 times. It was finally over. It was hell for me at the start but after the second fuck i did start enjoying it. I lay there on his bed for a couple of mins then slowly got up. I couldnt even stand and sat back down. Someone i managed to get up and wipe away the cum leaking from my ass. I wore my clothes and left. The guy was snoring by the time i was leaving. I barely walked out of the apartment building and reached my hotel. Went to my room and slept the whole day. That day and the next i didnt leave my room, i didnt even tell anyone about what happened.

The third day i was much better but i couldnt get rid of this itch in my ass. The itch of wanting a BBC. I spent the whole day thinking about his cock and wanting to go to him again. The fourth day i finally managed to get my thoughts together, i ended up going to his place since i memorized his building. I knocked on his door but he wasnt home i guess. When i was going down the stairs i saw him coming up. He saw me and smile, he knew i was back for more. After that he fucked me the whole night and i enjoyed every bit of it. I loved his cock, i loved his cum and i loved the way he used me mercilessly.

The remaining 10 days of my vacation i went to him 6 times and got fucked good. By the time i was back home i had turned into a complete slut for BBCs. I hooked up with alot of guys after that and still do to this day.

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